One of the most satisfying things you can do is genuinely help a customer improve their business.  There is one thing you can do that will reduce the number of trusses that need to be erected, reduce the amount of field connections on the job and reduce the amount of bracing required in a truss system.   Interested?  The answer is simply to eliminate piggy back trusses by “hinging” that top section of the truss.   This is very simple to do in the MiTek 20/20 Engineering Software and easy to accomplish with a combination of the MiTek BEH18 hinge plate and the HNH18 half and half plate as shown in the example below.
Notice, there is only ONE row of lateral bracing along the flat section where there would have been five rows with a normal piggy back truss.
There are no scabs to attach where there would have been a 6’ scab at each end of a normal piggy back truss and there is no special connection between the piggy back and the base truss.
The only connection to make is at the peak and it is just shooting a few nails in the plate that is already there.
Finally there is only one truss to lift and handle instead of two.
To help illustrate a couple of things see the following example:
First, notice how simply the truss folds down for shipment and secondly note that the top chord for the next truss can be pre spliced in the straight position on the same roller pass as the full truss as shown here.
So you might be asking yourself about the peak connection…

For this you use the HNH18 half and half hinge plate shown here:


This plate is “pressed” into the top chord on one side of the peak and when in place, the framer nails it to the other side through the five provided nail holes on each side of the truss for a total of ten nails.  That is it!
To learn more about how to implement this at your company’s location, simply contact your friendly MiTek engineer or Gary Gannon at 314-434-8573.

 This page last modified on 9/19/2007