Keeping TeksetTM Jigging in Tip-Top Shape

If you own a MiTek® gantry system, you probably own Tekset jigging. Tekset and MiTek
have worked together for years to bring you the most robust and convenient jigging possible. With all of the technological advances in our industry over recent years, we've worked hard to give you options that are not just jigging, but instead, "setup solutions" that integrate closely with other equipment you use to reduce setup times.
Most MiTek gantry users already know how valuable their Tekset jigging is, but many fail to keep it operating in tip-top shape. Pieces get bent or lost to other setup areas. Bolts and nuts undoubtedly get stripped occasionally. An average jigging component gets adjusted over 5,000 times per year, so this is to be expected.
Replacing these damaged pieces regularly will save your setup crews time that you didn't even know they were losing! We've identified the typical wear rate and replacement needs of an active work station and created maintenance kits with the correct quantity of each component to keep you running smoothly.
Refer to the table below to make sure you are using the correct jigging to get the most out of your equipment and to find out how to order a maintenance kit.
Setup Tools You Are Using
Tekset Kits to Use
Maintenance Kits
for Annual Replacement
of Damaged Parts
(click # for itemized list)
Manual setups
Standard Slotted Fixture Set
& Standard Stop Set
Virtek laser projection system
Laser Jigging Fixture Set
& Standard Stop Set
MatchPoint Planx
automated jigging
supplemental jigging
MatchPoint Planx
w/ Virtek
MatchPoint laser
supplemetal jigging
 Order a maintenance kit
by using our eStore
or by sending an e-mail to
301 Fountain Lakes Industrial Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301 
(314) 298-8088
(800) 523-3380

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