Achieve Unsurpassed Productivity With MatchPoint PLANXTM and Virtek® Lasers
By now you've probably heard how MatchPoint PLANX can
greatly increase the productivity or your plant. This innovative
automated jigging system allows you to build trusses quickly, easily, and with few errors. Combined with a Virtek laser projection system, you will have a truss line that is phenomenally more productive than it was before you automated.
You may not realize, however, exactly how quickly and efficiently you can build trusses using PLANX and lasers. In a benchmark test conducted at Maple Ridge, a truss crew was
able to build 16 complete trusses in 42 min and 40 seconds,
an average of only 2 minutes 40 seconds per truss! Not only
is this a huge improvement over the build times of trusses
without PLANX and lasers, it blows away the competition -
they can only claim an average of 4 minutes 20 seconds per
Additional features of building trusses with PLANX and lasers
  • TPI-QC compliant plate placement
  • Overhangs, pitch-breaks, heels, and verticals positively located with laser lines
  • Truss drawings not needed at the table
Downtime is the best time to automate. When the market recovers, just think what your truss plant will be able produce with the assistance of PLANX and lasers, without hiring additional personnel! Contact your MiTek sales representative to learn more today!
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