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After BCMC this year you can signup to use the materials and ask questions in the forums anytime you are available. Login to the MiTek site once, and you can access both the Training area and all other areas available to you.
The goal of MiTek IBT is to provide MiTek customers access to all training materials on-line. A work in process, all MiTek IBT training manuals and materials have been divided and packaged into individual components and can be downloaded as needed.
The IBT content can be used to train entry level designers as well as designers with experience. This content structure is presented as individual software but can be accessed as needed 24/7, 365 days per year.
While not a replacement for instructor led training, MiTek IBT provides you the flexibility of MiTek training without the cost and burden of travel.

CD-101 Course

Component Design-101 Course    
Course Description:
The MiTek CD-101 course is the industry's only course designed for people entering the Structural Building Component industry in a technical capacity. Originally created as a 6 week Instructor led class, this course provides the student with a one year proficiency level. MiTek CD-101 includes the following, and more: Introduction to the industry, Industry terms and WTCA TTT Level one training, Plan reading geared toward trusses, MiTek 20/20 eFrame layout training, Load Development and MiTek 20/20 Design software training, Production design, and Design office simulation and more. 
If you have a new design technician and want to start them off on the right foot, MiTek CD-101 may be perfect for you.

Layout Basics 

eFrame Layout Basics
Course Description:
The MiTek eFrame Layout Basics course is a quick start into the layout software. Geared for people who want to be knowledgeable in MiTek eFrame, but not necessarily expert in it, this course is perfect for owners, managers and sales professionals who want to have a good working knowledge of the software. eFrame Layout Basics is the recommended starting point for new designers.
Time to complete this course is 4 hours.
Once Registered - Download Complete Layout Basics Manual 

eFrame Layout

eFrame Layout
Course Description:
The MiTek eFrame Layout course is more advanced training in the layout software. This training is geared for people who want to become expert in building modeling using MiTek eFrame. This course is perfect for Component Technicians and Sale/Estimators. 
Time necessary to complete this course - 16 hours.
Once Registered - Download Complete eFrame Layout Manual
MiTek TrussFramer
      MiTek TrussFramer 
Course Description:
The MiTek TrussFramer course is designed to take the experienced MiTek eFrame user and make them a proficient MiTek TrussFramer user. Utilizing real-world modeling, the student is exposed to the awesome power of this state of the art building modeling software from MiTek.    
Time necessary to complete this course - 20 hours.  
 Once Registered - Download Complete MiTek TrussFramer Manual

eFrame Panel

eFrame Panel
Course Description:
The MiTek eFrame Panel course is for wall panel manufacturer technicians who need to grasp the full depth of functionality available to them inside of the MiTek eFrame Panel software.    
Time necessary to complete this course - 16 hours. 
Once Registered - Download Complete eFrame Panel Manual

OptiFrame CAD

OptiFrame CAD 
Course Description:
The MiTek OptiFrame CAD course takes the student far beyond basic CAD functionality and will improve their ability and performance to generate professional presentation drawings. If you want to understand the depth of this CAD program, this material is perfect for you.
Time necessary to complete this course - 20 hours. 
Once Registered - Download Complete OptiFrame CAD Manual

MiTek 20/20 Design

Truss Design
Course Description:
The MiTek Truss Designer course takes the student through most functionality within the Designer Software. If you would like to be a more knowledgable Designer, this course is for you.
Time necessary to complete this course - 16 hours. 
Once Registered - Download Complete MiTek 20/20 Design Manual 

Forum Description:
The MiTek Training Forum allows students to post questions about the content being studied. MiTek Instructors will monitor and review all inquiries. Questions will be reviewed each day, and answers posted back promptly.
Time will vary depending on individual needs and requests.
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