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Which Press suits best?

What is supposed to be produced?
Roof and/ or floor trusses
Large or small span
High, mid range or small loads to be carried by the truss
Repeatable design or small amount of individual designs
Casing for concrete formwork

Those facts indicate which section of timber and size of connector plate will be used mainly.
It also indicates of which span and height the trusses will mainly be, defining the size of press area needed.



Revolution Posi


How many trusses per day or hour are planned?
High capacity (15 + trusses /hour)
Mid capacity (10 -15 trusses /hour)
Low capacity (5 trusses / hour)
How many trusses of similar shapes in one production run
In average, how many joints per truss.

Those aspects will indicate which productivity the production will have to provide. As a direct consequence of the productivity of the press, the capacity of the saw and material supply needs to match this range.



RTF Floor
mark 2


How much money and productions space is available?
Small budget and large area available
Big budget and small area available

The financial framework and available space indicate which level of automation is suitable.

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