Upgrade Your Truss Line, Increase Your Performance
MiTek offers many products that can dramatically increase
the productive capacity of your truss lines. By now you've
probably heard that the MatchPoint PLANXTM automated jigging system and Virtek laser systems are the quickest and easiest ways to increase capacity while reducing personnel needed for production. But have you heard exactly how much faster your plant can operate with
these innovative products? MiTek has recently conducted benchmark studies that show the dramatic results that
can be achieved by incorporating Planx, lasers, or both systems into your truss line.
Following the Boozer-Buck protocol, MiTek conducted tests of lasers and Planx by building 16 trusses. No two trusses fit in the same jig, and the trusses shared no common pieces. The results of the study well exceeded the MiTek-advertised claim of "halving truss labor" compared to the best of the previous benchmarks.
Total Time
Average Time   
Board Feet/Hour  
Virtek Lasers with Wood Tables   
3.96 hr   
TeeLok with Tape in Slots   
3.84 hr   
Virtek Lasers with Slotted-Top Tables
2.00 hr
Virtek Lasers with Planx Automated Jigging
0.71 hr
Think you have to invest in a whole new table line to take
advantage of automated jigging? Thnk again! The Planx retrofit is now available! You can alter your existing truss line to include Planx, just like Tom Bishop, general manager of Berry Builders Supply, did. His new Planx retrofit is up and running, and he is "very pleased with it."
Just think how much your truss plant could produce with the efficiency of Planx and lasers! Now is the best time to automate, so you can be prepared to outpace your competition when the market recovers. With Planx and lasers on your side, the competition won't stand a chance.
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