Supporting Robbins Equipment

To all of you Robbins™ machinery customers, welcome to the MiTek family! Integration is always a challenge, but a great staff from Robbins and MiTek is working hard to combine the best traits of both companies and provide the best service in the industry.


Our MiTek Customer Service Technicians are quickly becoming
familiar with the Robbins equipment line. Former Robbins
installer, Mike Delrie, has remained on staff to ensure quality installation and servicing of Robbins equipment.


Obtaining quality parts—and quickly—is always a concern in our industry. MiTek is now stocking purchased parts for Robbins equipment in-house to enable fast turn-around times. We’re also working with vendors to upgrade the drives used on Robbins gantries to improve the dependability and cost of these drives.


Whether purchased from a vendor or manufactured by Robbins, MiTek has assigned MiTek part numbers that can easily cross reference with the previous Robbins number. If you need to order a part and you have the Robbins part number, our Customer Service Department can have that order entered in a matter of minutes.


If you prefer to order on-line, where our convenient eStore™ is open 24 hours a day, all Robbins jigging is now available through the eStore. A parts guide on the MiTek Web site makes it easy to choose the correct part and locate its part number.


The quality and timeliness of service will continue to be
our #1 priority. You can still assume reliable service to get your Robbins equipment back up and running quickly. In addition to the knowledge the former Robbins employees bring to the MiTek staff, we are revising Robbins drawings to fit MiTek’s requirements. The newer versions will be more user-friendly for troubleshooting purposes.


Since MiTek is one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the building components industry, you may be concerned about getting lost in the sea of numbers. We’ve taken steps to make sure this doesn’t occur. We have documented all records of Robbins machinery built since 1994. We know who purchased it and where it was shipped, as well as the configuration and customization on that equipment. So when you’re talking to our Customer Service Department, rest assured that they will get to know you and your equipment quickly. Everyone at MiTek knows that your success is our success, and we’re here to ensure both.
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 This page last modified on 11/12/2007