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Server Selection Information For Version 7.2
The choice of a server is a very subjective decision. There are additional considerations to keep in mind when selecting a Server vs. selecting a WorkStation. The following short list is some of the things to consider: 
  • What role or roles will the server perform? Will it be a domain, application, file server or will it perform more than one of the functions?
  • How many concurrent users will be logged onto the server at any given time?
  • How will the users connect to the device, wired, wireless, fiber, hub or switch?
  • Will the device serve as a storage area for user files in addition to database and job storage?
  • Have you determined that you're acquiring sufficient CPU, memory, disk, and network adaptors to support the application or database that will be running on the server?
  • Have projections been developed to predict application growth and concomitant increases in capacity requirements?
  • Has redundancy been built into the server design (e.g., power supply, fan, disk mirroring or RAID)?
  • Have disaster recovery requirements been considered?
  • Has consideration been given to backing up the server, frequency of back-ups, and off-site storage of back-up files?
  • Has consideration been given to outage handling, recovery and outage prevention?
  • What kind of support does the server vendor provide? Is it adequate to meet your needs? Have you budgeted for ongoing support?
  • Is the server warranty adequate?
  • Has consideration been given to locating the server in a secure location?
  • Have you considered any wiring, rack mounts or other special needs?
  • Have arrangements been made for virus protection, security, encryption or firewall protection consistent with best practices and standards?
  • What operating system will the server run & who will be responsible for ongoing monitoring and tuning the server, the console server (if present) and/or databases?
  • Has consideration been given to power and cooling requirements? For example, some systems require dedicated circuits?
  • Have funds been allocated to cover delivery and installation costs?
  • Is the server scalable? Can it accommodate additional hardware, for example?
  • What operating system will the server run?
  • Has consideration been given to who is going to maintain it?
  • What applications will be run on the server concurrently?
  • Has consideration been given to who will have root, administrator or other special account access?
Given the subjective nature of this decision and the pending responses to the list above, the following is a basic guideline of requirements for a server running the MiTek 20/20 Suite of Software:

Server Role:              File Server/Database Server/Terminal Services*

Form Factor:             Tower Server

Processor:                 Quad Core Intel Zeon 2.0GHz Processor or better, 1 or 2 processors

Memory:                     At least 2 to 64 GB Fully Buffered SDRAM

Operating System:   Windows Server 2003 or  Windows Server 2008

Storage:                     2 to 4 - 73GB 10K SCSI or 80GB 7.2K SATA Hard Drives

Controller:                 Raid 5

Extras:                        Redundant Power, DAT Tape Backup, and Surge Protection


NOTE: The list above is to be used as a guideline only. An IT Professional should be employed to perform a site survey and a needs analysis to determine your actual server hardware requirements.  

*Does not include support for running under Windows 2008 "Enhanced Terminal"

 This page last modified on 5/5/2010