MiTek Saws Overview
RP 400 cross cut saw, manual


Dimensions :         14m x 1,60m 
Electrical power:     3 Kw
Sawblade:            400 mm
Robust and flexible cross cut saw.
Easy and quick to operate.
Ideal for a start up business with smaller production capacities.
Also used as aditional sawing station in floor and wall productions.
Combine with presses "Little Boy" or "Mark3". 
RP 4000
Easy Cut 800, Easy Cut 828
Dimensions 14,75m x 2,39m
3 axis [EC 800] or 4 axis [EC828] NC controlled.

                            Bevel cut up to 60° [EC 828] 

                            Saw blade diameter 800 mm

                            Electrical power 6,5 Kw

Infeed conveyor  6m
outfeed conveyor 7,50m
Interface to Mitek software for NC data.
Ideal saw for small to midrage production capacities. Robust and approved quality since many years. Suitable to cut wall and floor timbers of individual length in larger amount.
Combine with presses "Mark 3" or "Mark 1"



Easy Cut
VKP 4 saw  
Dimensions: 11,5m x2,10m x3,60m
                     [width, height, depth]
Capacity : up to 50 pcs/min
Min timber length: 550 mm
Max timber length: 7000 mm
Max timber hight : 280 mm
Two sawblades on each side:
=> 1x 500mm, 1x 800mm
500mm sawblade cuting angle: -45° to +90 °
800mm sawblade cuting angle: 0° to +90°
Electrical power 29,2 kW
Robust, high capacity saw for mid to high volume production capacities.
Suitable to cut standard wall and floor timbers in large amount.
Combine with table presses or Rabbit or Hydra.

Cyber Saw - Europe


Dimensions: 9,75m x 2,10m x 4,00m
                     [width, height, depth]
Capacity : up to 50 pcs/min
Min timber length:  450 mm at 90°
                             600 mm at 45°
Max timber length: 6100 mm
Max timber section:  300 mm x 50 mm
                                 [height, width]
Three sawblades on each side:
=> saw 1 and 4: 500 mm; +15° to -90°
=> saw 2 and 3: 400mm or 500mm;
                          +15° to +90°
=> saw 5 and 6: 760mm or 810mm
                      +15° to +90°
NC controlled saw with interface to MiTek software for NC data. PC control panel on machnie. Optional to be integrated with Mitek production control software [WIFI network].
High speed, high capacity saw. 
Combine with table presses or Rabbit or Hydra.
MiTek Cyber saw

VKP 6 Component Saw

           Dimensions: 1,97m x 1,69m x 3,26
                               [width    height   length]
           Capacity: Up to 50 pcs/min
           Electrical Power: 18kW
           Maximum timber height: 50mm
         VKP 6 component saw has 6 300mm
           Saw 1: 300mm sawblade (Fixed End)
           Saws 2 and 3: 300mm sawblade;
           cutting angle from +700 to -200 (Fixed End)
           Saw 4: 300mm sawblade (Carriage End)
           Saws 5 and 6: 300mm sawblade;
           cutting angle from -700 to +200
         (Carriage End)
           Heavy duty, high capacity saw, suitable for
           floot truss manufacturing.
VPP 6 Component Saw