In the 7.0 release in January 2008 the Management (MBA and Job Summary) application will have the ability to generate PDFs using the Mitek-Amyuni ('aim-you-knee') PDF Converter  installed with the MiTek suite. This will enable you to create PDFs with the additional options to attach PDFs to MBA’s jobs and send PDF files to your customers via email directly from Management.
Once you are ready to print a report click on the printer icon in Management. This will open the “Print\Modify Reports” screen and you will see an additional option for “PDF”.  Select “PDF” and another option to “email the PDF” will become visible.  If you desire to email the PDF check “email the PDF” and click OK.
The system will present you with the “PDF/email  Form” screen where you can edit the path that the PDF is to be saved. The name of the PDF is fixed using the report name and the date time stamp so you will have a history of reports generated. You also have an option to add the PDF as an attachment and if the email option was checked on the previous screen you will be able to select email addresses from the job’s client and contacts.  Click the “Create PDF/email” button and a PDF will be created in the folder specified.
According to your selected options the PDF will be attached to the MBA job and your default email program will create a new outgoing email with the PDF attached and some info (see graphic 3 below) filled out from Management.
Edit your email as desired and click “Send” and your task of emailing the client is complete.
We hope this new feature saves you valuable time in your busy schedule!

 This page last modified on 12/7/2007