Save Money With Refurbished Parts
During downtime, MiTek remains committed to providing the best machinery, parts, and service for your business. We are constantly looking for new ways to help you get the most value for your money. One of the ways MiTek can help you save money is by stocking refurbished parts for certain spare parts orders.
The most obvious advantage of ordering refurbished parts is that they are not as expensive as new parts. Some refurbished parts can save you as much as 45% over ordering a new part. Currently, our refurbished part selection represents an average savings of 40% over new parts.
Not only can ordering refurbished parts save you money, it can also reduce your downtime if you require parts that normally have a long lead time. Refurbished parts may be more readily available than new parts, and can be shipped faster, allowing you to repair your
machinery and have it up and running sooner than if you had to wait
for a new part.
Refurbished parts available include gear motors, encoders, touch screens, and various parts for networking. Saw hub assemblies are also available, as well as many other parts. Contact your MiTek Machinery Customer Service Representative to find out if the parts
you require are available as refurbished parts.
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 This page last modified on 12/4/2007