Improve Production with Virtek
Many of our customers have expressed an interest in
increasing the capabilities of their wall panel or roof truss
lines. Adding Virtek® laser projection products is one way to greatly increase the productivity of a truss plant. You have already learned how Virtek lasers, either alone or with PLANXTM can help you increase production while reducing costs on your roof truss production lines. The Virtek LTG® and TrussLine® allow you to increase throughput by up to 25% while reducing setup and changeover time by 70%.
Easy computer controls allow you to manage multiple
projects at one time.
TrussLine is now available in version 5.0, which offers an improved user-friendly look and feel, with a simultaneous, customizable
projected icon menu. In addition, version 5.0 offers real-time
production tracking and can be easily integrated with automated jigging.
Virtek PanelLine® can help you speed up wall panel
construction while improving quality. PanelLine is compatible
with most panel design software, and can minimize operator errors and rework by projecting the exact placement location for studs, headers, sheathing, nails, subcomponents, openings and inserts.
Virtek now offers a green laser as an alternative to the
traditional red laser. The green laser is capable of projection
up to 10 times brighter than traditional lasers, and provides
a superior template for component placement. The green
laser has a range of up to 15 feet, and can cover an area of
15 ft by 15 ft with an accuracty of 0.015 inches.
Multiple maintenance support packages are available for
Virtek equipment. You may choose between a hardware and software support package, which includes emergency replacement coverage, software updates, and a customer service hotline as well as many other features; a preventive maintenance package; and a combined hardware, software and preventive maintenance package. The preventive maintenance package and combined package include
scheduled visits from a Virtek technician.
As you can see, Virtek offers many innovative options for you to increase your truss plant's capabilities. Contact your MiTek sales representative today to order your Virtek product, and improve the quality of your product and efficiency of your truss plant!
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 This page last modified on 4/9/2009