PC Enclosure Available for Saw Computers
Decrease Down-Time and Extend the Life of Your Saw's Computer
As you can imagine, a truss plant is not the best
environment for a computer. Radical changes in temperature, 
vibration, and exposure to sawdust and other contaminants can wreak havoc on electronics, including the computer systems that operate most automated equipment.
The loss of a computer can cause serious problems and
cause your truss production to virtually cease until the computer is replaced. In order to prolong the life of the
Cyber® saw or Cyber® A/T computer by reducing its
exposure to harmful elements, MiTek now offers a
separate PC enclosure so you can move your computer
off the saw and into its own enclosure, while keeping a
touch screen monitor on the saw.
Service Bulletin 160 has been created to help you move
the computer off the saw. This Service Bulletin includes instructions on how to remove the existing touch screen
computer that is located inside the touch screen enclosure,
and walks you through how to install and connect a new 
computer and touch screen monitor. Additional information
is provided for saws with a MiTek Inker or
To order the separate PC enclosure kit and documentation that details how to install the kit, call your MiTek sales representative and order SB160KIT. Several different kits are available, so be ready to provide details about your current setup, including saw frame number and the type of touch screen you currently have.
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 This page last modified on 1/14/2008