eFrame v2.23
The following document outlines the big ticket items that were completed in eFrame version 2.23.
1)      Ability to change opening templates through plan checker
  • A new category titled “Opening Template” has been added to the Opening Framing Settings section of plan checker.  This new category will allow the user to change existing openings to any opening in the library through the color coded graphical interface.
  • Each opening that exists in the plan will we be color coded to correspond to the opening template name and actual size within plan checker.

2)      Stacking Overall Panel Length Enhancement
  • The panel length, row length and stack width have been enhanced to include sheathing overhangs, and attached very top plate overhangs resulting in a more accurate bundle.
3)      Automatic seam blocking for bottom panel sheathing holdbacks
  • Seam blocking has been enhanced to accommodate sheathing holdbacks along the bottom edge of the panel.
  • This additional seam blocking functionality works the same way the top seam blocking works and is controlled by the same switches.
4)      CodeReporter Elevation report has been enhanced for Sheathing Holdbacks/Overlaps
  • Within the CodeReporter Elevation Report the sheathing information has been enhanced to include top and bottom holdbacks and overlaps.

 This page last modified on 4/11/2008