In version 3.18 of TrussFramer, a new CAD feature has been implemented to allow user’s flexibility of placing CAD objects, without having to rely on opening a  second program.  These CAD Tools are available in both plan view and layout sheets.  In this article we will explore how easy these tools are to use and manipulate. 
1. In the tools pull down menu, CAD Tools are your first selection.
Hover over the arrow and a list of 7 choices appear:
These tools are also accessible from the main set of toolbar icons:
2. The box method is used to insert a revision cloud or rectangle.
Drag a box and the item will be inserted into that area:
Note: Once the object is placed, the user has the ability to adjust color and transparency in the property grid:
3. Lines, Polylines, Ellipses.
4. Activating CAD Tools
Hopefully, this article shed some light on how easy it was to use these new tools, and will give you ideas on how to incorporate them into your day to day use of TrussFramer.
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 This page last modified on 1/25/2008