MiTek is pleased to implement this important enhancement to its software.

Seat-based security and activation will help component manufacturers control their software licenses, and better manage their own liability concerns. We have planned for the transition to a seat-based licensing system will be a smooth one. When you plan to install version 7.0.4 and have any questions, please contact your MiTek sales manager or technical representative.

1.      First “secured” version of the MiTek Suite to be introduced
MiTek customers who update to the newest 20/20 Suite , version 7.0.4 in March, will receive the first version with seat-based security. Component manufacturers will be able to ensure that only designers they approve will be able to operate under their license.
2.      Timing for Introduction
This version of our software will be available for distribution in March, 2008.  Implementation of the new licensing system within your organization will be streamlined by taking a few important steps prior to installing the new version.

MiTek Sales and Tech Support Role

When you request a copy of the software to be delivered to your location, a MiTek Technical Support Representative will first communicate with your MiTek Sales Representative prior to sending you the new version. This is so your MiTek Sales Representative is able to contact the appropriate individuals within your organization to explain the new seat-based licensing system.  During this discussion, your organization will appoint someone to act as the “Customer Site Admin”. The name, title and contact information of this newly appointed Customer Site Admin will then be routed to a MiTek Technical Support Representative.

Once the MiTek Tech Rep has received the name and information for the Customer Site Admin, he/she will create the account for your company and will define the designated individual as the Site Admin for your location.  From this point, your designated Customer Site Admin  has control over the designers approved for use of the software .

Customer Site Administrator Role

This is an important role for an effective system. As Site Admin, this person will act as the first point of contact for providing user activation, responding to questions or problems. The Site Administrator will also act as the liaison between your company and MiTek if support is required.

Once the Customer Site Admin has been added to the system by the MiTek Tech Rep, he/she will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the software users list. After all the users have been added to the software with the proper rights, the software can then be activated.
3.      Communication provided
In mid-February, MiTek managers will contact those locations who are expected to receive the latest version of the software to plan for the installation. At the time of release in early March, the Release Notes will have a ‘help’ section designated for the seat-based licensing. Also, along with the installation CD, a document will be provided with instructions on the seat-based licensing activation process. This document will also be available on-line for download.
4.      Sales and Tech Rep Support
Our Sales and Technical Support Representatives are now being trained for effective installation and support of the seat-based licensing system, so that they are ready to answer any questions that you may have when you are ready for the new release.  If you are interested in receiving 7.0.4 with this new licensing system, please call your MiTek sales representative.

 This page last modified on 2/18/2008