Understanding Electrical Schematics
These basic tutorials start by teaching you electrical symbols and electrical schematic design to help you understand the production machines you use in your plant. The lessons are designed to help you understand how to use an electrical schematic to work your way through any problem that may occur during the manufacturing process. Being able to read and understand an electrical schematic is the fastest way to solve an electrical problem.
Using the Tutorials
We suggest that you start with the tutorial named Reading Electrical Schematics to help you understand what some of the electrical symbols represent, and how the electrical schematics work. Then move on to the tutorials for the Finish Roller, RoofTrackerTM, and Cyber® A\T, in that order. You should stick to the order suggested, because the tutorials become progressively more complicated.
Downloading the Tutorials
  1. Print this page before beginning to download the files.
  2. To download, double-click on the download link for the tutorial you want.
  3. When the file download box appears click SAVE.
  4. Save the file to your desktop. These are video files and will take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to download if you are using a DSL line, and about half the time if you are using a T1 line.  
  5. After the download is complete, click CLOSE and exit the web site.
Unzipping the Tutorials
  1. Double-click on the icon that was placed on your desktop. The WinZip® self extractor box will appear.
  2. Click BROWSE and chose the desktop when asked where to save the file.
  3. Click UNZIP.
  4. Click OK when you are told the file has unzipped successfully.
  5. Close the extractor box.
  6. Open up the folder that has been placed on your desktop and double-click on the AVI or WMV icon. The tutorial will run automatically in Windows® media player. You can pause as needed and go forward or backward. When you are finished, close the media player.

 This page last modified on 2/26/2008