Create a Unique RailRider® Pro Floor Truss Press
The RailRider® Pro press is one of the most efficient trackless
floor truss roller press systems on the market. This machine
offers top production and reliable performance, while eliminating the trip hazard created by floor rails. The RailRider provides easy access to the jigging surface and unmatched performance.
Standard Features
All RailRider Pro  machines feature 42 feet of jigging space and come equipped with gantry head parking areas on each end. The pneumatic jigging automatically adjusts to the depth of the truss. The gantry features soft-start cushions to prolong
the life of the machine, and the pneumatic controls are
conveniently located on pedestals or can be placed on the
plate rack above the press.


Available Options
There are many options available to customize your RailRider
to meet your exact production needs. On the infeed side of
your table, you can choose between pop-ups, flippers, or
clamps only.  On the outfeed side, you can choose from pop-ups, end-eject, side-eject, or clamps only.


The pop-up ejector features a simple, robust design that lifts the edge of the truss 2-3/4 inches above the table top. The  assembly mounts underneath the table and is easy to field retrofit because it utilizes existing clamp slots. This ejector is a low-cost option that increases safety by keeping operators from smashing their fingers while removing trusses from the machine. The pop-ups will also increase your efficiency by speeding production.


Gain even more efficiency by adding flippers on the infeed
side of your table. The flipper also boasts a robust design
that lifts and flips the truss. Pressing of plates is possible
over the flipper plate. A flow control adjusts the up and
down motion timing of the flipper, and a shut-off valve is located at each flipper assembly. Simply having a flipper makes a worker's job better ergonmically. The design of the flipper reduces worker fatigue and reduces labor, since only one operator is required to flip the truss.


The end-eject rollers lift the truss ¾ to 1 inch above the
table top with a 2-1/2 inch diameter roller. The truss is then
easily moved to the end of the table. The rollers bolt
underneath the table and are easy to maintain. Only one
operator is required to eject the truss, which can be slid
under the gantry head when the parking stand is raised.
This option is ideal when floor space is an issues, and enables
ejecting a truss directly to a Floor Truss Stacker.


The side-eject option lifts the truss up and over the outfeed side camber tube. A shut-off valve is located at each ejector. The ejectors bolt on beneath the table and are easy to
maintain. The ejectors position the truss waist high, easing
truss removal and reducing worker fatigue. This ejector option
is ideal for dual zone systems, allowing independent ejecting.
The finished truss is positioned so that it can be easily
offloaded to a Floor Truss Stacker, Stand-Alone Conveyor
system, or stacking area.


On-table splicing is available on either the infeed or outfeed
sides of the table. This convenient option eliminates the need
for an operator dedicated to splicing. Just-in-time operation
allows splicing of both infeed and outfeed chords. An
overhead plate rack is also available as an operator control
option. This option places the controls in a centralized location.


As you can see, many options are available to you so you can
customize your RailRider and maximize your plant’s production
while eliminating safety hazards and even the need for some
personnel. Contact your MiTek Machinery Sales Representative today for more details on these exciting options.
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