By now most of you have heard some talk about our new truss layout software offering called TrussFramer. Now don’t worry eFrame isn’t going anywhere so there is no need for you to rush into installing and learning TrussFramer. For those of you that are interested to see what TrussFramer is all about, there are some important aspects to consider before making the move from eFrame.  First your computer equipment will need to be reviewed to make sure you will be able to gain the utmost from this high performance application.  The main areas of hardware focus are RAM, Video card RAM, and also make sure you have a machine with a DVD player as the install media for TrussFramer is DVD.  The recommended hardware requirements are included below:


Recommended Hardware Requirements for Version 7.0 and TrussFramer:


Core2 Duo 2.0Ghz 1066Mhz FSB

L2 Cache:





Single monitors, 1280x1024 128MB; Full support for DirectX 9

Dual monitor, 1280x1024 256MB; Full support for DirectX 9

Free Storage:

80GB (average 6,000-8,000 jobs)

Operating System:

Windows® XP Pro SP2, Windows Vista Business Editions (32-bit)


Now that the important hardware talk is out of the way, how do you find out what TrussFramer looks like and how will I learn how to use it?  The first step is to browse out to and take a look at the TrussFramer information within the Software page.  


After gaining a bit of information on what TrussFramer is all about, switch over to the Training page and register for MiTek Internet Based Training (IBT) using your company account and PIN number.  Within the IBT page you will find a TrussFramer link taking you to a page with numerous demonstration and training videos along with a set of focused training modules dedicated to how to learn TrussFramer.  The main IBT page also has training for Engineering, eFrame, OptiFrameCAD, and a Forum to post questions and discuss the MiTek software.  If you are having trouble viewing the videos online please give MiTek Technical Support a call and we can mail you a CD along with a TrussFramer manual.


It is important to view all the videos and accomplish as much with the training modules as possible prior to requesting the TrussFramer Install DVD to be sent out, so that your design team is as prepared as possible prior to the installation.  Once your organization is ready to install TrussFramer on a couple of designer workstations, please contact your MiTek Sales Representative or MiTek Technical Support and we will review the main points of this article then mail the MiTek 7.0 with TrussFramer DVD to your office.  We believe these online training tools, once you are fully committed and ready, will provide the necessary information to enable your team to make a seamless transition from eFrame to TrussFramer.  Once this process is complete, we do not anticipate onsite training being required, but if necessary we will provide as resources allow although please anticipate a bit of a wait to get this scheduled.

 This page last modified on 4/11/2008