MiTek is committed to helping you build your business and grow your profits by helping you deliver additional products to your customers. To help you succeed, we are co-sponsoring bracing clinics at component manufacturers plants to help them build relationships with their customers and to promote new product sales. We would like to invite customers to participate.
MiTek will provide a presenter with framing experience to put on a presentation on the MiTek Stabilizer bracing product and introduce other bracing products which we will launch in the next few months. These products have shown to significantly save the builder/framer time and money-and they improve safety in the erecting of the roof system. These products are sold exclusively through MiTek component manufacturers and are shipped with the truss order.
The MiTek presentation lasts from thirty to forty-five minutes and the entire event from two to three hours. At the end of the presentation we will give all attendees the opportunity to sign up for free Stabilizers for one job to be shipped on their next truss order from you, which MiTek will provide at no charge. The following are a few of the benefits other MiTek customers have reported after holding the events:
Benefits to the Component Manufacturer (CM) for holding a clinic
  • Face time with key customers builds relationships
  • Of the 63 contractors that attended our last clinic, none had ever seen the inside of a truss plant
  • Of the builders who signed up for the free trial of Stabilizers on their next truss order, 7 were new customer prospects
  • All CM’s that have co-sponsored clinics felt there was great value in holding the event and are going to hold similar events in the future
  • According to the survey taken at the end of our latest event, 99% felt there was great value for them in coming to the clinic

Benefits of Selling Stabilizer Bracing

  • Promotes and increases your sales and profits per housing start
  • Makes your customers more competitive by saving them time and money
  • Improves safety on the job site
The clinics have been most successful when billed as an “open house” and include a plant tour, other short presentations on subjects like safety, reading truss designs, or topics of interest to your local market.  The clinics are intended to be an event co-hosted with MiTek. Although you can have it any time of the day you prefer, the most successful clinics to date start with a lunch followed by a plant and design office tour and ending with the educational presentations.
The key to making this product event successful is for you to recruit customers and prospects to attend, especially by personal invitations and follow-up. It’s your sales force that can make that happen. To have this make financial sense for you and for MiTek there should be a target set of at least fifty builder/framer customers in attendance.
The planning and execution of a successful event will take from six to eight weeks prior to.  If you are interested we will provide a specific recommended schedule/timetable of the steps that will maximize the success.
These events are co-sponsored and we are requesting that component manufacturers split the costs excluding our travel expenses and the presenter fee. This split would include items such as invitation printing, mailing, furniture and equipment rental, food and the cost of trusses for the presentation.   A budget would be agreed to in advance and you would pay for, manage, and send us a copy of the invoices. We will immediately credit your account for that amount. The split is estimated at about $1,500 each to accomplish a successful event.
All component manufacturers that have participated to date have been very happy with the results.  In addition, they plan to host this type of event on a recurring basis because of the many benefits they and their customers received. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please contact your MiTek sales representative.

Thank you for your valued business.

 This page last modified on 4/11/2008