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The Auto-Jig is an automated jig setting system suitable for use in most gantry style table press systems which utilise steel tables.
The Flo-Jig is a pedestal style jigging system for use in the manufacture of roof trusses.
Kwikset Jig
The Kwikset Jig is a rapid setup jig with flo-thru stations.  It is suitable for mid size truss plants looking to increase production, without large capital expenditure.  Standard pedestal type jigs are more suitable to large production runs as they are slow to setup.  The Kwikset Jig however, has been developed especially to better accommodate standard and complex truss shapes in both short and long production runs.
Virtek Laser
The system projects an exact laser template of the truss to be built onto the work surface, highlighting the position and shape of all truss joints and connector plates. It eliminates the need for tape measuring.  Trusses of any complexity, or configuration - even multiple trusses and multiple jigs - can be set up in minutes.
If you are interested in any of the international equipment, please supply the details to Simon Clarke and we will assist you with pricing etc.