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CPP3 Saw

A versatile saw solution, allows a single or double CPP3 saw configuration. Engraved angles for accuarate cutting and Dynamic Braking.  

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CPP4 Saw

A versatile saw solution, allows a single or double CPP4 saw configuration and (Optional Extra) Dust Extracting unit. Engraved angles for accuarate cutting and Dynamic Braking.  

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Easy Saw-Automated

Automated self calibration including angle and length. Completely software driven system with touch screen. 

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Easy Saw-Manual

Rigid construction with E-stop programme, dynamic braking and stroke limiter. Efficient semi manual truss saw.

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SA Web Saw

One of the fastest non-automated, multi-cut, high volume saws which can cut 2 angles at the end of a 73mm or a 111mm piece of timber. Can cut up to 17 sections of timber simultaneously. 

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Anglebrace Rebater

The Anglebrace Rebater consists of a modified electric circular saw mounted on a 4.3 metre long beam with a handle at each end. Operation is easy. Simply place the top of the beam on top of the finished wallframe and push the saw along the beam. As the saw crosses a stud it rebates the timber to the depth required. This depth is adjustable to allow for different types and gauges of bracing and for wear of the saw blades.

Auto-BENCH Mark 2

The AutoBENCH Mark-2 is a computer controlled wallplate trenching and docking machine, which can be linked to MiTek Australia Ltd’s range of software.  Information from architectural plans is keyed into MiTek software programs which are used to detail panels and provide information on stud locations and openings in the wall frame plates.

Computerised Compound Saw - CCS

The Computerised Compound Saw (CCS) is designed as a specialist saw to cut hip and jack truss top chords, and hip rafters where mitre cuts are required. It automatically cuts double mitres avoiding the need to separate left and right hand components.

Computerised Rotary Saw - CRS

The CRS is a compact fully computerised saw ideal for use in truss plants where space is at a premium. It is capable of high volume production, cutting both large and small quantities efficiently. Alternatively, it can be used for short run production sawing, leaving component cutters free for the longer runs for which they are designed. It is simple to use, so novice sawyers can quickly become productive.

Cyber Saw

MiTek’s CYBER® A/T™ Saw offers the best that Advanced Technology has to offer.  It truly is the next generation in component cutters, and offers new and improved mechanical features that can take your plant to new levels of efficiency and productivity.


In-Line Anglebrace Rebater

The In-line Anglebrace Rebater is fitted over an existing wall frame assembly line and will automatically trench wall frames to the correct depth, for the application of Gang-Nail bracing in line.

Mango Saw

Automated angle and Timber length setup, Laser guide line indicates  blade cutting projection. Fully software driven system.

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The standard model mitres both faces of a pair of top or bottom chords simultaneously.


The Mit-R-Pro Combi-Cutter is intended to fill the needs of a medium size truss fabrication plant by providing a stand alone chord cutter producing both mitred and non mitred components.

Mitre Saw

Suitable for any truss plant, this saw quickly and safely cuts double 45° mitres on members for hip and jack trusses.

Noggin Stud Cutter

The Noggin Stud Cutter is capable of rapid cutting of noggins and studs. Length set-up is manual and using infeed chains for timber feed, production output and accuracy is increased significantly.  Multiple members can be sent through the machine and cut in one pass.

Trench Bench

The Trench Bench is a simple and fast sawing system for cross cutting and trenching any member of a wallframe. It comprises two Spida “Double-D” radial arm saws, each with pneumatic height adjustment, and automated infeed pusher, all controlled via a user friendly PC operator interface.  The operator selects a wallframing member from a MiTek Panel cutting list, loads the timber, and pulls out the appropriate saw arm. The timber is pushed automatically to the next cutting position for both the trenching and docking plates, and the trenching blade height adjusts automatically for 35mm or 45mm timber.


If you are interested in any of the international equipment, please supply the details to Simon Clarke and we will assist you with pricing etc.