Field Upgrades Available for Saws
In the current market conditions, it is important to find ways
to make your truss plant more efficient in order to reduce costs.
One of the easiest ways to increase your efficiency is by
upgrading your saw. There are multiple field-installable
upgrades available for MiTek saws.
Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor
A Ready-Feed Lumber Conveyor can be installed on all MiTek component saws. It will speed up your saw's operation by bringing lumber straight to the operator so the operator does not have to leave the saw to retrieve lumber. In addition, if
lumber is fed onto the Ready-Feed in the proper order, it can
maximize the speed of saw setups. The Ready-Feed can hold
at least a half-hour worth of uncut lumber, and with some
planning of break schedules, you can use break times to your
advantage by coordinating picking and sawing activities.
Outfeed Skatewheel Conveyor
The Outfeed Skatewheel Conveyor allows the operator to
continue running the saw at the same pace, even if the catcher gets behind. In addition, the conveyor allows for more ergonomic offloading of lumber. The Outfeed Skatewheel Conveyor can be added to all component saws.
Catcher Display
The Catcher Display allows for a paperless offloading operation by displaying the cut members on a screen. The
screen lists the cut members in sequence, which helps the
catcher keep up with the sawyer, and aids in marking lumber.
The Catcher Display allows for quick training of catchers and
reduces sorting errors. The Cyber® and Cyber® A/T saw can be
retrofit with the Catcher Display.
The Inker is another useful addition to your Cyber® or Cyber®
A/T saw. The Inker marks lumber for the catcher, reducing the time required for the catcher to sort each piece and eliminating paperwork and the task of marking lumber by hand. With an Inker, less training for catchers is needed. Errors in sorting will be reduced, and lumber is easier to identify at the building tables.  
6th Saw Quadrant
You can field-retrofit your SmartSet®, SmartSet® Pro, Cyber®, or
Cyber® A/T saw with a 6th saw quadrant. Your sawing
operation will benefit from the flexibility of an additional scarf
blade. The 6th blade will allow you to cut double-bottom
chords and face the scarf cut away from the sawyer.  
Waste or Incline Conveyor
Waste and Incline Conveyors can be added to all component saws. The addition of a conveyor will allow you to easily remove scrap from the saw area without requiring additional labor.
Bridge Conveyor
A Bridge Conveyor allows you to connect two saws so your
waste removal operation requires only one Incline or Waste
Conveyor. Combining a Bridge Conveyor with an Incline
Conveyor can also allow you to save some scrap material
for use on floor truss webs. A Bridge Conveyor can be added
to any component saw.
PC Enclosure - SB160KIT
Adding a separate PC enclosure allows you to protect your
saw PC from radical changes in temperature, vibration, and
exposure to sawdust and other contaminants, maximizing
the life of your PC. In addition, your new PC will come with a
faster operating system and the benefits of Windows® XP, as
well as a 3-year Dell® warranty. The PC enclosure is available
for Cyber® and Cyber® A/T saws.
Infeed Barrier Guard
If you have a SmartSet®, SmartSet® Pro, or Cyber® saw, you
may benefit from replacing your infeed barrier guard. The
newer design is more operator friendly, allowing more
freedom of movement while still protecting the operator.
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 This page last modified on 4/10/2008