Stabilizer advertising program generates new sales and new customer leads for MiTek component manufacturers.
To help MiTek customers increase sales and generate new customers, a Stabilizer “stocking dealer” program was recently set up exclusively for MiTek CM’s who purchase and maintain at least one pallet of Stabilizers in stock at all times. The dealer lookup is accessible from the MiTek web site and is designed to let builders enter their zip code and find all stocking dealers within a 120-mile radius of the builder or jobsite.
In conjunction with the stocking dealer program, MiTek launched an aggressive marketing campaign in builder publications offering 3 free boxes of Stabilizers. Builders can try them on a truss job to find out firsthand the significant labor savings the product provides when installing roof trusses.
The ads direct the builders to a MiTek web page where they can print a coupon for the Stabilizers which is redeemable only at a MiTek stocking dealer. The builder then looks up a stocking dealer and contacts them to redeem the coupon.
The response to the program has been tremendous. Hundreds of builders have printed coupons and MiTek stocking dealers are getting calls from new builder prospects. These component manufacturers are getting the opportunity to quote truss jobs they would otherwise not been able to quote.
The Stabilizer brace acts as temporary and permanent bracing for builders when erecting roof trusses. Case studies have shown that the product can save the builder up to 45% labor during the truss installation process.
MiTek software is able to specify the Stabilizer in the design software and help you take advantage of the structural values the product provides in the permanent bracing specifications.

 This page last modified on 6/6/2008