Over the history of the truss industry houses have become increasingly complex. Many years ago common trusses with gables were the norm. Today, the houses can be extremely complicated and may at times be difficult to visualize the three dimensional aspect. Most truss layout software programs have provided a 3D visualization image of the project; which helps overcome some of the complexities of “getting it right”.
In addition to an incredible 3D graphical engine, TrussFramer provides unprecedented modeling error checking. By using the tools too correctly model the structure, TrussFramer is capable of providing feedback that can reduce or eliminate errors due to modeling inconsistencies. While many truss layout software packages may provide the ability to “see” a truss sticking out through a roof plane while in 3D view, TrussFramer will also “tell” you about it in the Design tool and “show” it to you in plan view.
Navigating to the 3D view, the cantilever truss is clearly seen to interfere with the lower roof plane. In plan view, this interference is difficult to perceive. TrussFramer shows the problem in plan view which allows easy navigation to 3D to visualize the problem.
At any time during the input of the model a structure check can be performed.
Navigate to the Analysis and Design tools toolbar and select the check Structure option.
This will cause the system to perform a structure check where the overall model is evaluated for possible issues. An object matrix is used to determine responses to issues found.
Once the structure check operation is complete the system will display the information in the Design window.
The system displays the level and object of the member with a problem. Right click the indicated
member and choose Zoom to Object and the system will present the problem area zoomed in plan view. The interference can be clearly seen with the colored interference highlighter. In the case shown, beams SS1 and SS2 were placed slightly overlapping.
The overlap can be clearly seen within 3D view
As projects become more complicated, the need for a system that can assist with detecting potential problems increases. TrussFramer provides extensive capabilities in detecting and displaying potential issues. By accurately creating the model within TrussFramer the system can assist the user in detecting problems before the job is built and sent to the field.

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