Equipment Maintenance Best Practices
Proper maintenance of your equipment can increase the life of your equipment, improve worker safety, and reduce costs. Following these equipment maintenance best practices will help you maximize the life of your machine.
Set up a regular maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment - daily, weekly, or monthly - and then make it an expected, verifiable part of a designated person's responsibilities.
First, it is very important to read the equipment manual and follow the recommended preventive maintenance program. Preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to reduce downtime and costs. Keep copies of the preventive maintenance checklists at the machine for employees to fill out regularly. File the completed checklists in a safe place for at least six months to assist in troubleshooting later.
Make sure you keep the machine and the work area clean. Never use compressed air inside the electrical enclosures; vaccuum them out instead.
Make sure you keep the recommended spare parts on hand, as well as any additional parts you have found you need most often. Keeping parts on hand will reduce the amount of money you spend on expedited shipping, as well as reducing downtime.
Shut down the equipment when it is not in use. Check daily to make sure all safety devices are operating properly, and repair them immediately if they are not. Do not operate the machine if the safety devices are not working properly.
If you find that you need to call Customer Service, make sure you have standard tools, such as wrenches, a ratchet and socket set, and standard and Phillips screwdriver sets close at hand. Have a working voltmeter ready, and know how to use it. Finally, make sure you have a portable phone located near the equipment, since you will need to access the machine while you are speaking to a Customer Service Representative.
By following these guidelines, you will reduce machine downtime, and your associated costs.
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