Gantry Table Options
One way to increase efficiency and reduce cost in your truss plant is by upgrading or replacing your equipment. Our gantry tables are already designed to increase your efficiency and reduce worker injuries, but there are more options you can add that may further reduce costs and increase production.
Lifter Options
Several lifter options are available for gantry tables. Choose between side-eject, end-eject, auto-eject, and high-slope auto-eject lifters. Additional lifters are available for gantry lines that use a RoofGlider® roller press.
Side-eject lifters offset the truss so it can be manually
removed from the tables with a receiver. Auto-eject and high-slope auto-eject lifters offset the truss and automatically eject it to the conveyor line with auto-eject rollers. End-eject lifters lift the truss from the tables and move it to the end of your table line for easy removal.
Aisle Options
Choose between aisle or no-aisle systems. Standard tables feature walk-through aisles that provide clear access to the
jigging area to allow for quick setup with manual jigging. Aisle
covers and special lifters are available to create a continuous-
top table system.
MatchPoint PLANXTM
Bolt-on steel PLANX, each with dual-puck assemblies and
mechanisms mounted on their underside, can be added to
new tables or retrofit to most MiTek, Pacific Automation, Tee-Lok, or other manufacturer tables. They can be located at most any spacing interval. Pucks move to their positions quickly and automatically, directed by the computer-
based information from your design department.
PLANX eliminates the need to tear down jigging between
setups. Instead, the computer directs the pucks to move to
their next, computer-directed setup in an average of 30
seconds or less. You can jig multiple trusses simultaneously
on the same PLANX equipped table. You can also preview
and modify the truss position on the computer console before
actually positioning the parts on the table. Adding PLANX will
increase your production by two to three times with the same
crew, and will allow you to keep production steady even with
a smaller crew.
Add lasers to your table system to further increase
productivity. A Virtek® laser system projects an exact laser
template of the truss to be built onto the work surface,
highlighting the position and shape of all truss joints and connector plates. It eliminates the need for tape measuring.
Trusses of any complexity, or configuration - even multiple
trusses and multiple jigs - can be set up in minutes.  
Additional Options 
New tables can be built with industry-standard 1/2-in. table tops, or MiTek-standard 3/4-in. table tops.
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