WoodEngine® is the most complete framing software concerning conception optimisation and realisation.

Its different features allow optimising all schedules of a project.

You just concentrate on the conception, WoodEngine® does the rest…

  • Using walls and elements in an AutoCAD Architecture environment
  • Automatic generation of the framing structure
  • Setting of specific joints on the framing studs : housings, tenons, ...
  • Embedding any element into the framing wall Insertion
  • Automatically positioned trimmers on floor openings
  • Layer managing of the walls: framing, sheathing, lathing, boarding, interior panelling...with free shapes.
  • Outputs wall plans production lists
  • Exports pilot files to the most beam processors and machining centers.
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WoodEngine® has a Log Home module allowing drawing, planning and listing any construction of this type. Amongst others you'll find following features and possibilities :

  • Any cross section shape of the logs is possible
  • Setting and filing of all log cross sections and assemblies which are applicated on them (log assembly, tenons/ mortaises, dovetails...)
  • Recognition of walls and automatic application of the log joint
  • Dynamic link between layout and model drawing
  • Free shape walls, the walls adapt to any shape of any coplexity
  • Edition of several machinings on the walls(cuts, drillings, reservations...)
  • Automatic Output of plans and listings
  • Export to beam processor piloting files with an option of optimisation
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WoodEngine® integrates all functionalities of traditional carpentry

  • Using elements in AutoCAD environment
  • Efficient application of all common machinings (saw cuts, housings, drillings, marks, free shape profiles on extremities, tenon-mortaises, shoulders...)
  • Automatic placement of predefined machinings(tenon-mortaises, shoulders, dovetails..)
  • Composit machinings gathering several basic machinigs to one
  • Automatic association to walls in interference and accordant treating
  • Output of lists and piece by piece final plans
  • Export to beam processor files


WoodEngine® allows realising your project by dint of machining centers by generating control files :

  • Export of the elements without user interpretation
  • High speed output
  • Total Automation of the export
  • Correction by an intelligent export
  • Controling machines Hundegger K2, SpeedCut, Weinmann
  • Generating BTL files
  • Generating a detailed html report file


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