Our software empowers four key areas of your business: Structural Framing, Component Design, Production Management and Business Management.  In each of these areas you can enhance your business efficiency with upgrades to your software. Or with our Internet-Based Training you can quickly and easily improve the proficiency of your team and their use of our software – all without leaving your location.
Structural Framing - Upgrade to eFrame Layout or our latest, TrussFramer (Basic).

Component Design - Upgrade to the latest enhanced version of our 20/20 Engineering software to use "Multiple Design, Single Manufacture” features.
Production Management - Consider the power of MVP to control your production processes and measurably improve your productivity.
Business Management - Put the power of MBA to work to improve the accuracy and mastery of labor and materials costs and improve your bottom line.
Internet-Based Training - Create "Top Gun" performers across your team with the very latest, test-monitored training available right from your desktop -- no travel or lodging expenses required!


Dramatically increase throughput through
the power of Multiple Monitors
"High Performance Component Technicians are constantly searching for ways to increase performance.
MiTek 20/20 software allows them to do that." 
Release Notes
(updated 3/18/08)

Business Management
MBA (Business Mgmt Upgrade)
OptiFrame CAD
Production Management
MVP (Virtual Truss Plant)
ShopNet (Virtual Panel Plant)
Plan Management

Machinery Software
Cimplicity® Project and PLC software for your Cyber® or Cyber A/T saw can now be downloaded here.

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