Free Web-Based Electrical Training
Some of the most difficult problems for customers to solve involve electrical systems. In many cases, these problems can result in significant downtime, largely because many workers do not understand electrical problems, and are unable to read and understand the electrical schematics necessary to troubleshoot the issue. Obviously it is very important to your business to reduce downtime as much as possible, so maintenance workers must learn to solve electrical as well as mechanical problems.
In order to help remedy this lack of electrical knowledge, MiTek is now providing basic electrical tutorials on the MiTek Web site. These tutorials teach electrical symbols and electrical schematic design to help you understand the production machines you use in your truss plant. The lessons are designed to help you learn how to work your way through problems by knowing how to use an electrical schematic, since using electrical schematics is often the fastest way to solve an electrical problem.
Currently, four tutorials are available. These are Reading Electrical SchematicsFinish Roller, RoofTrackerTM, and Cyber® A\T. It is suggested that you begin with Reading Electrical Schematics, then move on to the other tutorials in the order listed, even if you do not have these machines. The tutorials become progressively more difficult as you move through them, and the knowledge gained will help workers solve electrical problems on other machines as well as the ones used in the tutorials.
You will need a customer login and password to access the tutorials. Your Plant Manager or Truss Engineering Department should be able to provide you with your site's login. If not,  please contact your Machinery Customer Service Representative for more assistance.
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 This page last modified on 9/18/2008