Safety Improvement Package Mailed to All Machinery Customers
MiTek Machinery Division has recently mailed out a safety improvement package to give you additional ideas and tools to make your MiTek® and MiTek-family machinery as safe as possible. All machinery customer sites should have received a package in the mail by the week of July 7th. The package includes the following items:
  • A Truss Assembly Safety DVD (PN 001301) that is a training and continuous education tool for operators and maintenance personnel on all MiTek machinery, except saws. A DVD regarding saw safety was sent out last year (PN 001300).
  • SB183 containing:
    • Instructions for receiving a FREE kit to add to your MiTek Finish Roller to improve safety and safety awareness.
    • A Training Guide to train new and existing employees on the proper use of the Finish Roller.
  • SB181 containing:
    • Instructions for ordering Restricted Zone Tape to place around any equipment, designating where personnel should not enter during operation.
    • Illustrations showing tape placement around MiTek gantry systems.
Additional copies or parts of everything discussed above can be ordered by contacting Machinery Division Customer Service at or by calling 800-523-3380.
301 Fountain Lakes Industrial Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301 
(314) 298-8088
(800) 523-3380

 This page last modified on 7/15/2008