MiTek has manufactured connector plates for more than 50 years. And no one does it better!
Dependable and consistent, MiTek connector plates offer the highest nail values in the industry - values that remain consistent plate after plate because of stringent quality control and extensive testing.
Tests conducted on the raw steel before and during manufacturing, as well as on the finished connector plates, assure you of reliable truss performance.
We produce and inventory huge numbers of connector plates, in hundreds of sizes every day, in regional facilities throughout the country.
In addition to producing a top-quality product, our specialty is getting it to you. When you need it. Where you need it. Whether it's connector plates, special metal products or builder hardware, we usually ship within 3 days or less of taking your order.
Be assured that MiTek is always looking for ways to improve our service and value to you.
To that end, we offer standardized packaging, across our delivery network. So when you order MiTek plates, you'll get uniform packaging in box and pallet quantities no matter which facility ships your order.
Uniform packaging is a win-win for everyone.
For MiTek, standardization simplifies the process of packaging and shipping connector plates from multiple locations.
Our customers benefit by receiving always consistent, predictable packaging from any location in the MiTek network.
Other benefits include smaller box sizes for our larger plates, less cardboard pallet wrapping, and standard pallet weights (2,800-3,000 lbs) for banded plates.
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