When you become a MiTek customer, you become part of the MiTek family. We work hard to keep every member of our family safe and healthy. Our equipment has impressive safety features that many of our competitors don't offer. We have several resources available to us for training your employees in safe practices. There are multimedia DVDs, equipment manuals that have a safety section in English and Spanish, and easy-to-use instructions for learning how to operate and maintain the equipment.
When you use MiTek's expert sales, design and installation teams, you will get exactly what you need. By working closely together, our sales team listens to your needs and works with our design engineers to customize entire systems to fit your environment.
We can engineer a machine from "scratch" or customer a MiTek machine to your specifications. We can design and lay out  your plant, so you end up with a manufacturing facility that's ergonomic and arranged for optimal workflow and productivity.
Value-added services like our maintenance inspection program, parts service and supply department, and in-house refurbishing and repair service are even more reason to join the MiTek family. We also operate a call center to handle our customers' phoned-in service calls.
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