As the US economy continues its struggle with housing, we have received many requests from our US customers for help on properly designing trusses for projects shipping to Canada. The purpose of this article is to provide guidelines for the design process so you can approach that business opportunity in the most effective way.

The first step is to get the software from MiTek Canada by contacting your MiTek salesperson and filing the Software License Agreement with MiTek Canada.  After you receive the Canadian Software, you can go through the short training class found on our website. Login is required. Go to the Training Home page and follow the links to sign-up for free access.
After going through this class, you can begin to design the trusses that can be sent to MiTek Canada via the MiTek Link website for seals just like sending trusses to your current US MiTek engineer.  The only other thing that you need to do is to make sure that you ask for G90 galvanized plates for use on these trusses as the US code only requires G60 galvanization where the Canadian code requires G90.
You will find that there are really only a few differences in designing trusses for Canada compared to the United States and the software operates in the same way as the MiTek 20/20 software that you and your designers are used to.  Please feel free to explore our Internet Based Training (IBT) at the website above not only for Canadian software but to increase your skills on much of the US software as well.
If you are only shipping one job to Canada, you may not want to get the software yourself and we can help with that as well.  Just design the job in your US MiTek 20/20 software and then send the following files to MiTek Canada and they will then create the designs for you:
o      Efm file
o      PLTENTRY.DBF   - plate inventory
o      PLTINV.DBF       - plate groups
o      PLTSORT.DBF    - plate sort order
To ensure that your designs are replicated as close as possible you will also want to send a pdf of exact truss configuration in case profiles in efm are not straight forward. Please note that there is a per truss charge for this design service.
To meet the Canadian code you will need to tell MiTek Canada the City and Province where the job will be erected.
Of course you will need to provide them with your contact information: company name, address, telephone number, fax number and engineering contact name.


 This page last modified on 9/11/2008