When the market gets tough and a component manufacturers margins squeezed, it is vital for a truss plant manager to know real time information about what his manufacturing costs are. Most truss plants today don’t know whether they are making money or not until they take inventory at the end of the month. It’s difficult to know if the prices they are quoting will absorb all of their overhead, burden and direct labor and what volume they need to make a profit.

A component plant requires job shop costing. With its complexity and mass amounts of data to be collected, it is nearly impossible to track actual labor by job, by customer and by type of work. It is so much easier to determine which work to pursue aggressively when you know how the actual cost varied from the standard cost you used when you priced the job. To make informed decisions about pricing, you need to know the variances by job on material, labor and overhead.

MVP®- MiTek Virtual Production is a software system that through the use of computer monitors at each plant work station will track in real time, the labor, material and processing of each job.  The system will make available the information of where a job is in each stage of its production.

Having this information at your fingertips will remove the guesswork when you analyze the payback of investments to improve the efficiencies of your various manufacturing operations.

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 This page last modified on 7/21/2008