Dear Valued Customer,


You may recall hearing about our new seat-based licensing system introduced in version 7.0.4 that converts all software applications within that version to the new licensing system. We wanted to take a moment to update you on the introduction of the new system and provide some valuable information to assist with your decision to move forward with our latest version, featuring the new licensing system.  Once users are activated in the new licensing system the security code resets of the previous system will no longer be required and the system will validate your authorized licenses automatically via the Internet.


Seat-based licensing will now enable component manufacturers to ensure that only designers they approve will be able to operate under their software license.  The system will provide visibility of the individual users and improved software distribution control.  As a result, liability due to unauthorized use of software licensed under the component manufacturer’s name will be reduced.  Also keep in mind that the new seat-based licensing system will not impact your current software fees or billing structure. 


Seat-based licensing protects our software from unauthorized distribution, and helps preserve the value of the intellectual property for us as well as for the industry. This allows us to continue to invest in industryleading software for the component manufacturing industry 


The seat based licensing system in 7.0.4 and later versions of the MiTek software require access to the Internet through two possible methods: direct Internet connection to your computer or connection through a network to a machine that has access to the Internet.  In July 2008 there will also be a new licensing patch available that will enable you to convert to the new seat-based licensing system and continue to remain on your current version.  However, we do recommend updating to newer versions of the software.  In addition to the advances of the new licensing system there are also many new features available in the latest versions that will provide more flexibility and efficiencies to your designers.  Our current version available for release is 7.0.5.  Here is a link to our Release Notes listed by product for your review of the latest new features,   Release Notes.


Once you decide to update your design software, the first step in converting to the new seat-based licensing system is to contact MiTek Technical Support with the name and email address of your location’s designated Site Administrator.  The Site Administrator will then act as the first point of contact within your organization for providing software activation to users.  Once our Technical Support group has received this information the Site Admin will receive an email from the system allowing them to login and provide the activation codes to all approved users.  Each location can have up to two Site Administrators.  The Site Admin can be setup in the system at any time regardless of the planned timing for installing the later versions that utilize the licensing system.  You can also download the Site Admin instructions from our website by going to  An alternate method, termed “Auto Activation”, has also been created to eliminate the need for the Site Administrator to add every user individually into the system with the requirement that all users are on the same network domain will gain auto-activation.


Our software security system for versions 5.0 through 7.0.3 currently resets every six months.  Beginning in July, the system will now reset every 30 days to help minimize the threat of unauthorized usage.  We encourage users to utilize the Internet Access method to reset the security codes which will continue to require your company account number and PIN as it does today.  It can be accessed conveniently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The automatic telephone method will also remain available with 24-7 access.  Here is a link for more information on the current security system, MiTek Software Support


If you have any questions, please contact MiTek Technical Support (by e-mail:, or by phone: 1-866-648-3587).


We genuinely appreciate your continued business.




Ed Deal

Director of Technical Support

 This page last modified on 9/11/2008