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MiTek Industries is committed to reducing our impact on the environment by adopting a continuous monitoring and improvement process to introduce the concepts of efficient use of resources and energy, the recycling of waste products and the reduction of the use of consumables, through efficient use of available technology. This program is aimed at reducing environmental impacts, together with improving financial returns.

In line with the policies of the MiTek group of companies worldwide, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our industry, and become more environmentally aware of problems, and taking actions to lessen their impacts.


MiTek makes use of steel for raw materials, 98% of which can be recycled, recovered and reused when its time span is completed. The other big energy use in MiTek is that of electricity, where we are committed to reducing our usage, by fitting more energy efficient motors, reducing startup requirements for motors and monitoring and improving our electrical usage. Within MiTek, we are striving for a paperless environment, where most transactions can be done electronically.



Here's a list of simple things we can do immediately

These will start to reduce your contribution to global warming. The items in this list will cost you no money at all and will in fact save you money.

· Turn it off when not in use (lights, television, DVD player, Hi Fi, computer etc. etc. ...)

· Turn down the air conditioning slightly (try just 1 to 2 degrees C)

· Turn down the water heating setting in your geysers (just 2 degrees will make a significant saving)

· Fill your dish washer and washing machine with a full load - this will save you water, electricity, and washing powder

· Fill the kettle with only as much water as you need

· Unplug your mobile phone charger as soon as it has finished charging

· Defrost your fridge/freezer regularly

· Do your weekly shopping in a single trip

· Hang out the washing to dry rather than tumble drying it

· Go for a run rather than drive to the gym


The following is a list of items that may take an initial investment

They should pay for themselves over the course of 1-4 years through savings on your energy bills.

· Fit energy saving light bulbs

· Insulate your geysers and pipes

· By installing 180mm thick ceiling insulation you could stop about 25% of your heating escaping through the roof

· Replace your old fridge / freezer (if it is over 15 years old), with a new one with energy efficiency rating of "A"


Travel less and travel more carbon footprint friendly.

· Car share to work, or for the kids school run

· Use the bus or a train rather than your car

· For short journeys either walk or cycle

· Reduce flying as far as possible

· See if your employer will allow you to work from home one day a week

· Next time you replace your car - check out diesel engines. With one of these you can even make your own Biodiesel fuel

· When staying in a hotel turn the lights and air-conditioning off when you leave your hotel room


As well as your primary carbon footprint, there is also a secondary footprint that you cause through your buying habits.

If you buy foods out of season at the super market, then these will have either been flown or shipped in from far away - all adding to your carbon footprint.

· Reduce your consumption of meat

· Don't buy bottled water if your tap water is safe to drink

· Buy local fruit and vegetables, or even try growing your own

· Don't buy fresh fruit and vegetables which are out of season, they may have been flown in

· Try to buy products made closer to home (look out and avoid items that are made in the distant lands)

· Buy organic produce

· Don't buy over packaged products

· Recycle as much as possible

· Take your own shopping bags to the store


In addition there is your footprint at work.

Do you leave your computer and monitor on when you are away from your desk? Do you leave the lights on when you leave the office? Do you print documents unnecessarily - and could you print two pages to a side and double sided?


Do you need to print a page? Will an E-Mail suffice or a face to face conversation.