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New Posi-STRUT Manual

(posted July 2008)

The new Posi-STRUT design manual incorporates all the selection, detailing, and installation of the original Posi-STRUT floor joists, purlins and rafters.  The MiTek design service operates to assist with special applications.


Accredited MiTek Fabricators throughout New Zealand are extremely competitive using the Posi-STRUT system as an alternative to solid floor joists and other proprietary systems.


The latest amendments reflect the settled nature of the market in regard to timber grade availability MSG8 VSG8 MSG10 VSG10. Their inclusion has resulted in new deflection criteria with changes to spans and cambers.


Posi-STRUT offers these mid floor and purlin/rafter solutions by creating natural openings for feeding on-site services.  The open web design allows the passage of plumbing, ventilation, vacuum and electrical services without having to drill or notch.  This eliminates the structural risk associated with tradesmen needing to ‘burst’ clearance holes in solid joists using power and hand tools in situ.
MiTek recommends that you request a new Posi-STRUT Manual 06/2008 and delete all previous versions.  Click here to request your copy.  For more information click here.