TrussFramer Brochure

  1.  Foresee structural problems before they make it to the plant floor
  • Confidence that loads are accurately distributed throughout the structure
  • Minimized drawing errors with having everything together in one model
  • Single point of entry for the entire structural model – improving accuracy
  • The model contains all the elements of the structural frame
  • Live edits in 3D mode allowing you to see how the changes impact the structure
  • Flexible framing allows the designer to layout the members the way they prefer
  • Complete material list
  • .
  • SmartMove allows you to control changes and see what is required throughout the structure
  • Interactive AutoFraming allows you to control how the area will be framed before the trusses go in
  • Visible load path distribution and it is traceable
  • Designers will quickly see an increase in productivity due to 3D modeling, accurate load distribution and ultimate flexibility
  • Ability to create digital building models with accurate material in walls and floors
  • Layout Sheets – no need to take the drawing into a CAD package and it is a viewport to the actual model so changes by the builders are made faster

  •  This page last modified on 8/19/2008