MBA and MVP share information in several ways.  One keeps office personnel updated through Tracking points as they are updated by MVP when a production task is completed.  Not only are MBA Tracking points updated, MBA shows the percentage completed for Pieces Cut and Trusses Produced.  Production personnel can use Job Information, Delivery Dates, Production Groups (Batches) created in MBA eliminating entering the information again.

Job Information

MBA Job information is shared with MVP providing production personnel important information concerning the work that is being submitted to the shop.

MBA Job information shared with MVP is:


MBA – Fields

MVP – Fields



Job Name


Project Number

MBA JobData Index

Order Number

Job Number

Scheduled Delivery Date

Date Delivery Scheduled

Requested Delivery Date

Date Delivery Requested

Net Price

Quote Price

PO Number

Customer PO

Saw Units

MBA Saw Hours

Build Units

MBA Build Hours


Tracking Points

Tracking points in MBA can be updated by MVP when a specific production task has been completed.  This feature can be used by changing the “Write to MBA” indicator in the “Factory Settings”.

Tracking points can be configured to match your operation.  To change the default mapping open the “Factory Settings” and change the “Write Delivery Order Status to MBA Job” options to suit your needs.

Default Tracking points mapping is:

MBA – Tracking Point

MVP – Task

To Production

Released to Shop

To Saw

At Saw

Cutting Done

Saw Complete

At Table

At Table

Production Done

Delivery Order Complete



Production Groups

Batches created using MBA can be used as the assemble packages in MVP.  Shown below are the MVP Editor and MBA Build a Batch screens, they show the batch names from Build a Batch being used as the Assemble Package names.

 This page last modified on 11/4/2008