At MiTek, we take your technical support needs to heart. We understand that our design and production systems are the heart of your business. And we know that resolving technical issues and software questions can immediately impact your business’s ability to perform.

So at MiTek we bring you the largest, most experienced Technical Support group in the industry. The combination of our on-line support and regional field technicians provide you with the power to perform.

Our purpose is to help you enhance the performance of your business and with our unmatched technical support team, we deliver on that commitment day-in and day-out.
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Call Customer Support at:
   1-866-MITEKTS (648-3587)
   Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST
For OnLine Plus™, InfoStar™ or WallStar™ technical support  call 813-972-1135
extension 260 or at
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Email Customer Support at:
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Machinery- This page is for software support only. If you are searching for machinery support, Click here.
     Contact Tech Support Toll Free:
7am-7pm CST @ 1-866-648-3587
"It is our vision to be the world class standard of customer service, and the one which all others in the industry aspire to
be compared to.."
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