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Supported Web Browsers
Though there are a number of web browsers available, MiTek only supports Microsoft Internet Explorer as our primary browser. Internet Explorer must be used when accessing MiTek Link, MiTek Internet Based Training and is the preferred browser for exploring our internet portal and United States web site.
Supported Web Browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8.0
(Note: Compatibility View may be necessary on some pages when using IE 8.0.)
Non-Supported Web Browsers:
  • Fire Fox (identified as Mozilla before 2005)
  • The Mozilla Suite (Gecko, Netscape, SeaMonkey)
  • Safari (also Konqueror)
  • Opera
  • Netscape
  • AOL (America Online, based on both Internet Explorer and Mozilla)
  • Google Chrome
  • IE Enhancers: Avant & Maxthon
For general browsing of our web sites, many of these other browsers may work, however we are not optimizing our pages to support these other browsers. When browsing our sites with a non-supported web browser, some of the web pages may not render as expected.   

 This page last modified on 5/5/2010