Our software empowers four key areas of your business: Structural Framing, Component Design, Production Management and Business Management.  In each of these areas you can enhance your business efficiency with upgrades to your software. Or with our Internet-Based Training you can quickly and easily improve the proficiency of your team and their use of our software – all without leaving your location.
Structural Framing - Upgrade to eFrame Layout or our latest, TrussFramer (Basic).

Component Design - Upgrade to the latest enhanced version of our 20/20 Engineering software to use "Multiple Design, Single Manufacture” features.
Production Management - Consider the power of MVP to control your production processes and measurably improve your productivity.
Business Management - Put the power of MBA to work to improve the accuracy and mastery of labor and materials costs and improve your bottom line.
Internet-Based Training - Create "Top Gun" performers across your team with the very latest, test-monitored training available right from your desktop -- no travel or lodging expenses required!
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SAPPHIRE is designed to let you agilely manage your operations while also strengthening your customer relationships. It lets you share files with your customers to help you design, estimate, and build accurately from a single, 3D model – optimizing the structure while improving speed, efficiency and the bottom line for both you and your customers.
Builders and Building Supply companies using Cadsoft and Envisioneer software can now export .mxf files to be opened in SAPPHIRE Structure. 
Dramatically increase throughput using the
power of Multiple Monitors. 
MiTek Software Suite
Business Management
Component Design
Production Management
OnLine PlusSoftware Suite
Machinery Software
Cimplicity® Project and PLC software for your Cyber® or Cyber A/T saw can now be downloaded here.

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