MiTek 20/20 v5.40   Modules Available
MiTek 20/20's Business Application, MBA, provides the desk top to all the applications a truss plant needs and enables:
  • Overall Project Management
  • Project Overviews
  • Detail Costing & Time estimates
  • Quotations
MBA Desktop showing user defined Icons and the tabs to show different project views
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Layout - a fully 3D system to frame even the most complex roof scapes.
MiTek 20/20 Layout allows the user to:
    • Frame accurately so that trusses fit precisely
    • Check dimensions of all components
    • Prepare fully dimensioned erection details
Layout Plan View
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Engineering.  A state of the art timber and steel engineering system allowing the designer to:
  • quickly design even complex frames
  • handle multiple load cases automatically
ONTRACK.  A state of the art resource planning and monitoring system allowing the designer to:
  • control production per workstation
  • allocate call-offs to different workstations
  • Monitor and control loads
  • get production reports on utilization of production