Bolted joints require large number sections simply to accommodate the number of bolts required to carry the load. The efficiency of the MiTek connector plate coupled with monoplanar construction to reduce eccentric loads at the joints allows:
  • smaller sections of timber to be used.
  • longer clear spans.

MiTek trusses are not used only on small span cottage roofs, they are specified in growing numbers for commercial and industrial applications. Long-span trusses (20 - 30m) which previously were constructed exclusively from steel are meeting with growing competition from precision-engineered Gang-Nail/Hydro-Nail timber trusses.

MiTek trusses generally clear-span between external walls, allowing complete flexibility in the arrangement of internal walls. Internal foundations are therefore not necessary, and timber frames with drywall construction or demountable partitions may be used as an alternative to expensive brick and plaster work. Interior alterations may be made without major structural changes to the roof.

Almost any roof shape may be designed using economical MiTek trusses. Scissors, attic and bowstring trusses are custom made for tiles, slate, sheeting, or any other roof cover, for any pitch and span for new buildings, or to match existing structures.

MiTek trusses are designed by professional engineers using the latest in computer technology. Programs are written by MiTek South Africa specifically for S.A. Building codes and climatic conditions. Contractors are provided with signed detailed layout drawings by the truss fabricator, who has exclusive access to MiTek South Africa's computer design programs. The world-wide expertise of the MiTek Systems is at the client's disposal. We lend assistance and offer advice to help clients optimise savings at any stage of design or construction. Our nation-wide network of licensed MiTek truss fabricators forms part of this unique service.