MiTek trusses are individually designed strictly in accordance with the code of Practice for General Procedure and loadings (SANS 10160) and the Code of Practice for the Design of Timber Structures (SANS 10163). The designs are prepared using advanced computer design and drafting systems supported by MiTek's professional engineers. The design approach has been verified through a large number of truss tests conducted by the National Timber Research Institute of the CSIR. On small projects such as domestic dwellings, the fabricator can supply
full working details directly off his own computer system while on large or complex projects, the fabricator will request MiTek's professional engineering team to prepare full working drawings showing all the truss designs, connection details and bracing.
All timber used, both for the trusses and the secondary timbers is in accordance with either:
  • SANS 1783 for Stress Graded Softwood General Structural Timber.
  • SANS 1783 for Stress Graded Softwood Engineering Timber.
  • SANS 1460 for Structural, Laminated Timber.
  • SANS 1783 for Battens and Branderings.

These specifications cover structural grades S5, S7 and S10


  1. Structural grades, 5. 7 and 10 are now the only legal grades that are used in South Africa.
  2. The South African Bureau of Standards has developed a system of proof grading which has been adopted by some saw-mills. These proof grades generally are designed to develop the same minimum grade stresses or the equivalent Structural grades,


MiTek connector plates are fabricated from prime structural hot dipped galvanised steel with guaranteed properties.

A range of connector plates is available for different applications. The design values for all MiTek connectors have been determined through joint tests at the CSIR's FORESTEK Division under the following contracts:





Design data is available on request.

Where highly corrosive conditions are involved MiTek can provide 430 grade stainless steel connectors. These plates are sourced from our European Manufacturing facilities