STANDARDS (continued)
MiTek trusses are manufactured using rigid jig systems to ensure consistent dimensions and performance. All MiTek truss plants manufacture to MiTek specifications and most have been awarded the Institute for Timber Construction's prestigious Certificate of Competence.

The Gang-Nail universal jig system and the Hydro-Nail pedestal system are both designed to ensure accurate assembly of the truss components. Complete flexibility has been incorporated in the system, so that all configurations of roof, floor and wall elements can be manufactured.

Predetermined dimensions for the positioning of joints and connector plates guarantee accurate profiles which are maintained throughout the production series.

Speed and accuracy are the principal advantages of both these truss jigging systems.


In order to improve and maintain the standards of workmanship in the truss industry the Institute for Timber Construction has launched a scheme whereby a "Certificate of Competence" is issued to truss fabricators who have passed an in-depth audit based on a set of minimum standards determined by the association.

These standards cover:
  • The design procedures employed
  • The presentation of quotations
  • The competence of the key personnel
  • The erection instructions provided to the site

Fabricators who fulfil the requirements will appear on a list of approved fabricators and will be provided with an ITC CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCE for display on their premises. Such approved fabricators will also be entitled to the use of a special ITC logo on their stationery and brochures.

The association establishes compliance with the requirements for the certificate through a comprehensive audit conducted by an independent professional engineer together with a representative from the Truss Plate system used.