Save Time, Money, and the Environment with Virtek's TrussView®
Still looking for more ways to save money in this tough
market?  Start the new year off right with Virtek's newest product, TrussView! TrussView allows you to view real-time production data and monitor your crew against production targets. Employees will be more productive since they will easily be able to understand production requirements.
This innovative projection system will not only save you time by eliminating confusion and errors, it will also save you money - money you would have spent on paper, in excess waste, and on additional employees needed to jig trusses without a projection system.
TrussView features large-screen data projection that identifies plate size, plate gauge, and wood members.
The projection is a mirror image of the production table, and can be used with or without lasers. TrussView reduces
material handling errors, saves you time spent walking back and forth to look at paper, and speeds up changing trusses using a remote control. It also features remote operation of lasers and MatchPoint PLANXTM, reducing jigging errors.
Finally, TrussView not only saves you time and money,
it helps your business go green! This environmentally-
friendly solution reduces waste and paper consumption, allowing you to do something good for the environment - all while doing something GREAT for your business! Contact your MiTek Machinery Division sales representative for more information.
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 This page last modified on 9/7/2010