Many times the same model of a house or other building is built on multiple sites with all of the same design parameters, but each structure is required by the building department to have all of its own site-specific documentation including sealed truss designs. 
To assist with this, MiTek offers a new lower cost service that allows MiTek customers to request a new set of sealed truss design drawings through our Link website. You can change the job name, description and site information, and we will produce a new .pdf or hard copy of the job with the new information included.  Please note that we will only print a hard copy if it was required the first time we sealed the job.  Assuming the job was originally run with a building code that is still current, you can expect the reprint of your job with the new job information to occur in just a few minutes after making your request.  If the job has an older code, our system will automatically email your request to an engineer who could then either approve the request or call you to discuss the building code issue. 
Remember that this system will reproduce only a set of truss design drawings that MiTek has already designed and sealed for you.  This new system simply changes the job name and description except when a Florida Index sheet is used, in which case the site information may also be changed. 


To use the system you will need to begin by contacting your MiTek Sales Representative for pricing and then contacting our Support Help Desk at or 1-866-648-3587 (MITEKTS).  They will then give you permission to use this new feature on the Link website.  After that, it is even easier than requesting the original truss engineering as shown below.


 1.  Search for jobs that have already been sealed:

2.  Click on the tracking number of the job for which you wish to receive a new set of seals, then press the button “Request an AutoSeal of this job”:
3.  Enter the new Job Name and or description as needed (Florida cover sheet shown here):

4.  Click the “Submit AutoSeal Request” button:

5.  Finally, you will receive an email from Link letting you know your pdf is ready to download as normal, and if required, your job will have automatically begun to print here at MiTek.  The copy will be sent to you within the same time frame as any hard copy job.


This new system will expedite the receipt of seals on repeat structures and provide assurance that no new revisions will be made to the designs.  We are confident that this time saving feature will be of great benefit to our customers.

 This page last modified on 11/19/2008