2020:  Less Clicks = Greater Productivity!

Sometimes it is better to improve current functionality to make it easier to use or access rather than create new tools.  That is exactly what we have done in recent versions in order to make designers more productive.  Check out these enhancements to existing tools.

Scroll zoom

Have you ever wanted to scroll into a joint on the main area of your screen while designing a truss?  Now you can!  All you need is a mouse with a scroll wheel.  Simply hover over the area into which you wish to zoom, such as a heel, and scroll forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out.  You can even hit F7 to quickly revert back to best fit.  You can now close your zoom window for more main screen real estate and no longer have to hit the right click button to zoom.  You can even click your left mouse button and drag the screen to pan around the truss once you have zoomed to the magnification of your choice. 

Check dimension while in Versatruss

Sometimes you need to know a dimension while inputting a reference line or using other features within Versatruss.  Now you no longer have to exit the tool and go into Dimensions in order to do so.  You simply click the “Dim” button and the Dimension tool will open for your use, without leaving Versatruss.  Simply check or add a dimension and close the tool, and you are still in Versatruss for further editing. 

Chain dimension tool

While on the subject of dimensions, have you ever wanted to create a chain dimension along the rake of a chord?  Do you find it cumbersome to line up the dimensions?  We have created a new “Chain” option that allows you to click along points and add a chain dimension.  Enter Tools/Dimensions and click Rake and check on Chain.  Click along the points that you wish to include, click Apply and click on the screen to place the dimension.  This works for rake, horizontal and vertical dimensions. 

Shift select of similar member types

Do you ever need to modify all of the webs on a truss at once in Versatruss?  There is a really simple way to do this now, without having to select them one at a time to make modifications, or even control-click to grab them one by one.  While in Versatruss, hold down your shift key and click on a web.  All of the     members that are of the same type (web) will highlight!  You can then click the Lumber button and make changes to all of them at once.
All of these features are available in our current general release version (7.1).  We hope that these improvements will help decrease the time you spend designing each truss.  Watch for more productivity enhancements in the future!

 This page last modified on 11/11/2008